Welcome to the updated Barter Family website.  Hopefully, the new design will make it easier to view and navigate our site.  A few things we added are an updated Photo Gallery and a new Discussion/Message Board.

I will try to keep adding new info to the website as things come up.  If you want access to the BarterFamily photo gallery so you can add pictures just email the webmaster and we will set you up with an account to upload pictures.  You can always email us directly too by referencing our contacts page.  Take care.  The Barters.

Updates (1/2/11)....  A new year so it is time to update our website.  We've posted some new stuff in the picture gallery.  Check it out.  Kel has now figured out how to update the site so watch out updates will be more often than Mat did.  I can bet that it will be updated more often than every 2 years!  Stay tuned for more info later.

2 Jan 2011
::: Happy New Year
Well where do we start.  We are really glad that 2010 is over, not that it was  a bad year but 2011 is looking like it is going to bring some great new challenges for us.  Next weekend is muzzleloader season, so Mat and Ty will be heading to the farm to do what Kel could only hope to be the last hunting trip of the season.  I have a feeling it won't be but I can wish.  Morgan will be starting indoor soccer in January while also preparing to take the SAT's and ACT's.  Ty will also be starting select baseball.  There is more to announce but that will have to wait.  Hope everyone has a GREAT 2011.

Mat, Kel, Mo and Ty

Upcoming Events
Mat's birthday is coming up on Wednesday.  Then muzzleloading season and maybe but probably not we actually get to relax for a while and start training for some 5K's in 2011....

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