Well it is a bunch of the same old same old at the Barter's house.  It is hunting season so it seems like Mat is at the farm every weekend.  The big difference this year is that he takes Ty with him, so Morgan and I have had a lot of girl weekends.  Morgan will be starting indoor soccer soon, Ty will be starting baseball training soon, which means Mat and Kel will start the taxi service again soon.


The 2010 hunting season in Ohio went well so far, there is still the muzzelloader season to go.   Mat shot a very nice 9 pointer,  Phil shot a nice 8 pointer and Tyler shot his first deer a very nice 7 pointer out at the farm, 112 yards out with a gun he had never shot before.  (More pictures in the Photo Gallery)

The kids are active 24/7.  Morgan is into indoor soccer and Ty is going to start select baseball very soon.  We can't keep Ty strapped down. They both have been doing great in school Morgan is in 8th grade taking 3 high school classes and has straight A's and Ty is in 5th grade doing very well.  Mat and I are both very happy and proud.


As of right now the Barter's have no big news to share, stay tuned in case something changes.


Take Care everyone!             The Barters.......



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